Our Story

You, winning.

Our driving goal is to make our customers win.

We want you to come home to see absolutely beautiful, crisp, flawless work that remains beautiful for years and years. We want it to be absolutely apparent that we invested our time and energy and sometimes our literal blood and tears. We want our work to last for as long as possible to maximize your investment because let’s be honest, painting isn’t cheap – and it ends up being more expensive if you need to have it done every few years.

Of the 35+ painting companies in town, there are very few who serve their customers with the intention of maximizing their investment. In fact, we know who they are and can recommend them to you. We also know which ones to avoid. The majority of painting contractors are simply looking to sell you something rather than listen to your actual needs and offer the right solution that results in you winning for the long-term.

We have painted so many houses in Sioux Falls and we constantly see the sub-par results that some painters provide. We see so many corners cut, so little prep done, so little attention paid to the small details that truly do matter.

“Paint it Forward”

The idea for East to West Painting came in November of 2018 over a Thanksgiving dinner – our original plan was to launch as a non-profit painting company serving low-income families, the disabled, elderly, and veteran families in the Sioux Falls area by painting their home completely free of charge to them and relying entirely on the donations of others to fund our efforts. In hindsight, that might have been a bit of a naive approach.

We are grateful to have received a start up grant from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, but even with their generous support and hundreds of hours spent fundraising, we fell very much short of our financial goals.

Instead of giving up, we pressed on. Piece by piece, we slowly purchased all of the equipment needed for a painting crew. In May of 2020, we officially became a painting company. And while we are not technically a non-profit organization, our mission of service and blessing remains the same. In the past year and a half, we were able to paint 11 properties either at-cost, or totally free to the homeowner.

When you choose East to West Painting, not only will you be receiving a top-notch painting service, you are also helping us make Sioux Falls a more beautiful place, one home at a time.

– Dylan VanMeveren, Owner of East to West Painting

Need some painting done?

Let us be the solution.

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