We are proud to offer our garage epoxy service as another tool that can help make your home beautiful.

Our Process

We begin by repairing any areas in your garage floor that need to be fixed to ensure the longevity of the finish. This can mean patching concrete that is in rough shape, fixing cracks in the concrete slab, and filling voids with kiln-dried quartz.

Next, we grind the concrete using a motorized, floating-head concrete grinder with a diamond cup attachment. In order to keep dust down, we have an industrial HVAC vacuum attached to our grinder. Concrete needs to be grinded down to what is called the “salt and pepper” layer of the concrete; this is to ensure that the epoxy base coat has a gritty surface to bond to.

Then, we apply the epoxy base coat by pouring out the product in sections and using a 3/8th inch gliding roller nap to roll out an even application.

Moving quickly, we liberally disperse colored mica-chip flakes onto the base coat before it dries. Our approach is to get 100% coverage, which means that the floor is completely covered in mica chip flake with no light or missed areas.

After the base coat has had plenty of time to dry, usually 12 hours, we come back with metal scraping tools and run them across the surface of the floor both vertically and horizontally. This removes all excess chip flake and produces a smoother surface.

Once everything has been thoroughly vacuumed, we apply the top protective coat – usually a polyurethane made specifically for garage epoxy – by pouring it onto the garage floor and rolling it in once again with a 3/8ths inch gliding roller nap to achieve an even finish.

After 24 hours, the polyurethane has cured enough to walk on; and after 48 hours, you are able to park your vehicle in the garage.

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