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Don’t Try to DIY

“I think I’ll just do it myself.”

“I can get this all done in a weekend.”

“All you have to do is put paint on a wall, it’s not rocket science.”

Ringing any bells? Ladies, have you heard your husband make similar promises and now, months later, your bathroom is still only half done? Fellas, have you made promises like this to earn some brownie points, underestimated how long it would take, and now you are living in the dog house?

Sure, it’s true that anybody can paint – but not everyone can paint well.

We Have Years of Experience

At East to West Painting, we can say with absolute confidence that not only do we paint well, but we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence. Anything less than flawless is not good enough.

We have found that for the average person, it can take months – even years – to develop the steady hand necessary for “cutting in” a perfectly straight line where your wall meets your ceiling. It also takes a season of steady trial and error to understand how to apply an even coat of paint on your walls using a roller. And if you are not able to achieve perfection consistently, you will be left with a bunch of “oopsie” marks on your ceiling, paint splatter all over your floors, and obvious roller “lap lines” littering your walls that will not disappear over time.

“What did you expect, it’s not like I am a professional!”

We are the professionals. Save yourself the headache (and the heartache) and schedule a free estimate today.

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