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Dodge A Bullet

Boy, we have heard some horror stories of sub-par painting contractors in Sioux Falls. You hesitantly agree to a very expensive, professional paint job, only to have a bunch of barely trained kids show up and pretend to do a thorough job. We’ve even heard stories of homes being painted without the consent of the homeowner while they were on vacation and the contractor sends them the bill anyways. We’ve seen painting “oopsies” in all degrees of severity. From clearly missed spots on siding and underneath lips; overspray on gutters, brick, and windows; splatter all over decks, concrete, and shingles – even loose paint or dirt left untreated, resulting in paint failure.

Don’t settle for that.

Our level of excellence and quality assurance is higher than the rest. In fact, we are so confident in our ability that you do not pay until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

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